Monday, June 15, 2015

The Return of Bridezilla Season

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Ah, June. School's out, and the warm weather of summer is finally here (at least it is for half the month up here in the polar vortex of Chicago where I live). Let's not forget that it's also bridezilla season, that time of year when perfectly reasonable women suddenly become obsessed with tulle and completely deranged about whether or not everyone else is paying enough attention to their day. 

I spun a bridezilla tale myself not so long ago. Okay, it was my first book, and that was a dozen books ago, but this little gem will always hold a special place in my heart and not just because it was also a Lifetime Original Movie. I love this book because frazzled, slightly OCDish wedding planner Lauren Crandell is the bookish, detail-oriented girl who manages to snag one seriously hot and ridiculously good guy, Nick Corona, in this zany tale of weddings gone wrong.

For TODAY only, XOXO After Dark is giving away a free copy of my first book, so if you haven't read it, now's your chance. Want to see the bookish girl triumph? See the glamorous bridezilla get her due? This is the book for you.

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Monday, June 01, 2015

Congrats to the Her Hawaiian Homecoming book giveaway winners!

I love giving free stuff away. I do. It's a problem for an author who's supposed to sell books, but the fact is, there's nothing that makes me feel better than sending a signed copy of one of my books away in the mail to a lucky prize winner.

Today, I'm sending off signed copies of Her Hawaiian Homecoming (packaged with care above), Congrats to all the Goodreads book giveaway winners: Lori from California, Mark from Tennessee, Barbara from Virgina, Leanne from Canada, Rebecca from Australia and Valerie, Jessica, Ann, Sally and Shane from the UK!

I'm sending your signed copies today! 

Didn't win? No worries. Buy Her Hawaiian Homecoming for the low, low price of just $3.99 for your Nook or Kindle

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Blog Tour!

Hi all! I'm super excited to announce the launch of my "blog tour" for Her Hawaiian Homecoming this week! Today, you can find me at these lovely blogs: 

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Amanda's Blog!

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Books and Bindings

hanks for including me! Check back tomorrow for more links. Also, don't forget that you could STILL win an Apple Watch. Check out the contests at!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You get a prize...and you get a prize... only it's not a car. But, it's still freakin' cool!

Enter to win!
I'm a giveaway fool, I admit it. Book release time to me is synonymous with sending out free stuff. That's just how I roll.

I've given away four Her Hawaiian Homecoming gift baskets (Congrats, Christine, Susan, April, and Tracy!). They'll be soon rolling in chocolate and coffee and signed copies of Her Hawaiian Homecoming.

But, since the new novella, Texting Under the Influence is also out this month, I've just started an Apple Watch giveaway. I figure, if you're going to drink while texting, why not do it in style? I know when I'm drunk-texting an Ex, I want to do it on the VERY latest in texting technology.

The thing is, I kind of think these Apple watches are awesome, and I've been secretly coveting one myself, so better hurry up and enter before I decide to keep this puppy. It would look amazing on my wrist. I really think so. This one is going to be REALLY hard to give away. Look how cool it is! Seriously!

There are tons of ways to enter, and none of them painful. Enter multiple times. Go ahead, I don't mind. And then go check out Texting Under the Influence, a fun little story about a woman who means to text her ex-boyfriend one night at a bar, and accidentally texts her hot new boss. Oh, yes, high jinks ensue. It's a fun little romp with some mild embarrassment thrown in. And clothes do come off. I mean, look at that cosmo on the cover! You know naughty things have to happen after my character downs a few of those.

Speaking of, is it happy hour yet?

How about now?

Enter to win your Apple Watch, and maybe happy hour will come faster.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Texting Under the Influence is Out!

Okay, I am super excited to tell you about my new novella, Texting Under the Influence, a Cosmo Red Hot Read by Harlequin.

First of all, look at that martini on the cover of this book. I want to down that cosmo, stat! Is it happy hour, yet?

Second, who hasn't had a cocktail or two and then texted someone and then lived to regret it? I have (Sorry, Exes. You know who you are). Okay, so that's reality. But what if drunk texting actually got you somewhere other than morbidly embarrassed the next morning?

The premise of this book started with the question: what if someone drunk texted the wrong person for a booty call, but in the end, he ended up being Mr. Right?

This is, after all, why I write fiction, to turn epic fails into total scores!

Jenna Cho, my main character, really just wants one last hookup so she texts her toxic-in-life but amazing-in-bed ex, Jax. When her gorgeous boss Jack responds to the booty call instead, Jenna learns exactly why a girl should never hit send after one too many vodka sodas. Still, faced with Jack's sexy grin and even sexier Irish accent, Jenna thinks maybe she messaged the right man after all—especially when he admits he's been hoping she'd make the first move…

Texting Under the Influence was fun to write and I hope it's as fun to read. Grab a girl drink and download the novella (it's short, it's cheap, and it's bubbly fun). You can download this story today for just $2.99. Check out Texting Under the Influence