Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever

Okay, for the two people who are still checking this site after I've been MIA for nearly a year - my deepest apologies.

My only excuse is that I've been hard at work on my next novel (Every Demon Has His Day, which to your left you'll see the fantabulous (it's a word if I say it is) cover. Said novel will hit bookstores in April, but you can preorder on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble today.

The buzz on "Every Demon" is good. Publisher's Weekly calls it "Frightfully funny." What else kind of endorsement do you need? Ok, well, President Obama says it's a "must-read." Well, he might not have said that. He might have said something else entirely about the economy, but if he did happen to like fluffy romantic comedy/paranormal/oddball stories about a cook from East Texas who wakes up one morning to realize she's got to stop the antichrist, he would most certainly endorse my book. Not that I'd want him to. He's got way more important things to do (help us, please Mr. President!).

Anyway, since I blogged last, I also have managed to have a second baby, so I honestly don't know whether I'm coming or going. Am I typing on my keyboard right now, or is this some kind of dream where I'm going to wake up to realize I've fallen asleep behind the wheel of my minivan again?

Just kidding - I don't actually fall asleep while driving (knock on wood). Although I do have a minivan. Which one is scarier? My younger brother says driving the minivan is his worst nightmare - next to showing up at high school without having studied for a final exam wearing only his boxers. But I have two kids (almost under two), and well, you try putting a dual stroller in the trunk of an Accord. I have, and there was a lot of cursing involved.

Anyway, I am back in my blogging glory. Well, okay, maybe my glory days are behind me, but I promise that I'll blog more than once a year. Like, maybe even tomorrow, if I can get the girls to nap at the same time.