Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm On Fire!

Okay, not really.

But I AM in a great new book of essays about the fabulous Hunger Games trilogy called "The Girl Who Was On Fire." It's unauthorized, so that just means it's cool. Honestly, you should buy it just for the cover. I mean how cool is that? (WARNING: May show signs of being Hunger Games Triology Ultra Fan. I am a Hunger Games Geek - Would that make me a Glunger? A Heek? I clearly need to work on that).

Anyway, check out the book of essays at Smart Pop:

I write about genetic muttations (if you've read the Games, you know I'm talking about Tracker Jackers and other gruesome creations) and how we might be closer than you think to engineering our own freak genetic weapons.

Here's an excerpt:

I will admit right now that I am entirely too critical of most sci-fi. I’m the one sitting in the movie theater grumbling, “that could never happen.” Or, more concisely, I’ll just say: “Seriously?”

Could there be some crazy disease somewhere in a lab that would turn the entire planet into brain-eating zombies or sunlight- fearing vampires? No way. Beefing up shark brains to make them super-smart predators? I don’t think so. Crazed prehistoric- sized piranhas that will devour anybody with an inflatable floatie and a cooler? Please. They want us to believe this stuff?

Like take the insane DNA-spliced mutant monsters that make terrifying cameos throughout the Hunger Games. I’m supposed to believe that one day we could be ripped apart by mutant wolves with tribute eyes? Stung by poisonous and relentless tracker jackers? Or get devoured by giant lizard men?


As it turns out . . . maybe so.

If you want to read more, grab your copy of "The Girl Who Was On Fire" today!