Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The early reviews are in...

And Britney is really a good mom! That's according to her pal, Paris Hilton. You know, because Paris has all those maternal instincts. It takes a nurturing soul to run through lap dogs faster than Starbucks double lattes.

By the way, I thought Paris was supposed to be doing some charity work. Isn't that what she promised us on Larry King after her release from jail? Does Britney count as a charity case? I'm not sure.

In other, happier reviews, at least one review likes Moby Clique (out in stores March 4 and available for preorder from Amazon now).

Moby Clique is "the best book ever written" - okay, so that's maybe not a direct quote from the review. I *might* be paraphrasing a bit, but they said something similar, I swear. Check out the new review at

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm back and it's not six weeks later!

Wow. So, I've let a week and a half slide, but I'm sort of keeping my resolution. Blog more! So, here I am. Quite coincedentally, I also have some self-promoting to do (I mean, would it BE a Cara Lockwood blog entry without some shameless self promotion?).

As it turns out, you can currently buy advanced copies of the newest Bard Academy novel Moby Clique on Amazon. If you order now, it should get to your door during the first week of March.

I don't know how long you could've been ordering the third Bard book. You think they might tell us, or inform us in some official capacity, but I am always the last to know. I only just found it today, and that's because I semi-regularly stalk myself on Amazon to see what people are saying about me. Yes, this means I could be a pathetic narcissist, but I prefer to think of it as "market research."

Thankfully, I didn't find any new negative reviews (I've got my eye on YOU, ANONYMOUS!) and a couple of new positive ones, which is always nice.

So, now that I've talked myself up a bit, it's time to spread the wealth. My friend, Laura Caldwell, has a new book out: "The Good Liar." You might remember her from "Burning the Map" one of her earlier books. She's writing mysteries now, and she's damn good at it.

If you're looking for suspense, check out Kevin O'Brien's One Last Scream. He's one of the best suspense writers around!