Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The early reviews are in...

And Britney is really a good mom! That's according to her pal, Paris Hilton. You know, because Paris has all those maternal instincts. It takes a nurturing soul to run through lap dogs faster than Starbucks double lattes.

By the way, I thought Paris was supposed to be doing some charity work. Isn't that what she promised us on Larry King after her release from jail? Does Britney count as a charity case? I'm not sure.

In other, happier reviews, at least one review likes Moby Clique (out in stores March 4 and available for preorder from Amazon now).

Moby Clique is "the best book ever written" - okay, so that's maybe not a direct quote from the review. I *might* be paraphrasing a bit, but they said something similar, I swear. Check out the new review at

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