Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Rock

So, I went to see the Hunger Games Friday (technically, it was for "work" because my job is awesome). I have two things to say about this movie: it rocked. And, as I've told my friends, I may have to change my alliegance from Team Peeta to Team Gale. Have you seen Liam Hemsworth?

I think this technically makes me a cougar, but if this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

As a side note, why do movie producers seem to want to cast the less hot dude for the main love interest and the seriously, ridiculously hot guy for the one who doesn't get the girl? There must be a formula somewhere. Is this so we all feel like we get a shot with the rejected guy? I don't know.

What did you guys think of the movie? And am I the only 38-year-old who was standing in line on Friday? Actually, no, I wasn't. The Mom-contingent showed up strong. I actually saw more parent-types in the movie theatre Friday night than teens.

So, my "movie" essay on the Hunger Games is coming very soon (April 1, I think). So stay tuned. More details to come.

In the meantime, don't forget it's Prom Season, and I say why settle for one prom when you can have two? Check out A Tale of Two Proms!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Hunger Games Week!

If you hear that high-pitched squealing sound, it's my inner 13-year-old girl going bonkers over the soon-to-be released Hunger Games movie. I, like millions of you, am a huge Hunger Game triology fan. I love Twilight, too, but come on, let's be real here. We all know in a showdown, that Bella wouldn't last five minutes against Katniss. For Katniss, it's not about pining over boys, it's about kicking butt. As the mother of two girls, I really do have to admire that.

Besides, have you SEEN the Hunger Games trailer? Says it all.

For those of you who don't know, I wrote an essay on the Hunger Games for Smart Pop's book The Girl Who Was On Fire (Most Awesome Assignment Ever). If you head over today, you'll find my essay up for 24 hours and can read it free! But if you haven't read the rest of the book, you should buy it. It's a must-read for every Hunger Games fan.

Pop Smart will also be releasing special movie-related essays. I'll be writing about science and the special effects of the movie. That means when I'm waiting in line to get into the movie theater Friday night, I'm actually "working." Did I mention I have the best job on earth? You know, not to rub it in or anything.

So, in summary, Happy Hunger Games Week!

And I haven't forgotten you Bard fans. I still have a few bookmarks to give away, so anyone who's interested, just email me your A Tale of Two Proms receipt and I will send you a signed bookmark!