Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moby Clique

Hi all!

Sorry I've been so remiss about posting, but I'm just seriously lazy. Oh, and I'm writing TWO books at once and am chasing around my soon-to-be-one-year-old who is just starting to walk. She actually went from barely crawling to running in like 1.5 seconds, and I don't think I've managed to sit still for more than a minute since that happened.

Here's the new cover for Moby Clique, the latest and perhaps last installment of the Bard Academy series. It hits stores March 8, but I'll be giving away advanced copies before that. Just keep checking at for more info (not yet, though, because I am just not that efficient).

And for those of you anxiously awaiting my next adult novel, I'm happy to report that I'll be writing something a little different. My next novel will be called Southern Fried Omens, and it'll be a little like Britney Spears meets the Anti-Christ with a chicken-fried steak thrown in. More on that soon!

Until then, I've got to run grab my daughter, who is currently riffling through my husband's CD collection.


sara said...

I'm so excited to read the new Bard novel!! What does it depend on if this is the last or not?

becca said...

i just finished reading "pink slip party", and wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book with such an interesting character :)

Anonymous said...

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Kat(ja) said...

OMG, no! Not the last book, no!!!
~ sobs ~
I LOVE the Bard academy series!!

You're like...such an awesom writer!I read both of your book in like 1 day on English, and I'm not even from a country that's mother tongue is English(In Europe)!

Dooooooon't make it the last one, please!!!!

I'm barely holding it together cause I have to wait 3 more moths for Moby Clique(3 MONTHS!), and it can't be the last one...noooo...

And it comes out 2 days before my Birthday....(woot?)...

Any way, I love Bard, and you're just amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

please! please don't let it be the last of the bard novels. i'm so going to kill myself, if that's the case.

i love your bard academy series. please just keep it going until maybe, uhh, forever at least? just kidding. but seriously, i'm hping you'll think it over.


Anonymous said...

PLEEEEEASE dont let it be the last book of the series!! PLEEEEEASE.

i use to HATE reading before i read ur series. and now i love reading ever since i read the bard academy series.

please don't let it be the last =(