Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a finalist!

That's right - I *might* just be able to call myself "award-winning" and not with my usual sense of irony (as in, "wow, look at that 'award-winning' parallel parking job I just did).

I just found out yesterday that Moby Clique is a finalist for the 2009 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in Young Adult fiction. See other finalists here. I get to put this nifty graphic on my website and lord my "probable excellence" in the face on my husband and any one else who will listen ("did you see that parallel parking job? it was a finalist in the race for excellence").

Technically, this wouldn't be my first trip to award-dom, and I'm not talking about that Honorable Mention for the race I lost in recess in third grade, either. I won a Reader's Choice Award in 2006. Of course, I actually didn't realize I had won it and I actually thought I'd lost. Read that sad, goofy tale here.

I find out if I am truly "excellent" in April, but in the meantime I get a finalist certificate (I'm sure it beats the pants off that lame green honorable mention ribbon of third grade).

I'll keep posting updates. In the meantime, don't forgot to enter my contest to win an autographed copy of my new book, Every Demon Has His Day. Five lucky winners will get a copy of the book before you can buy it. Just shoot me an email to enter.

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