Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon, New Blog

Ah, well, so sorry for the lack of blogs (blogging? Blog entries? Blogosphericals? I don't know the proper vocabulary anymore). I've been busy writing (kind of) and, I have to admit, I've been cheating on this blog with Twitter. It's a heck of a lot easier to write 163 characters than all of these - what do you call them? - Oh, yes, sentences and paragraphs. I mean, sheesh. What do you think I am? A writer or something? Please. Besides, I think I've mentioned before, that I'm a big of a slacker.

This weekend, however, I am officially coming out of hibernation. Tomorrow, I'm off to see New Moon with a girlfriend of mine (my inner teen girl is jumping for joy and my husband is breathing a sigh of relief since he won't have to pretend he doesn't mind going). I've already been listening to the new soundtrack. Killers? Death Cab For Cutie? It's like it was MADE for me.

And every other teen girl in America. One of this days, I will have to come to terms with my real age, but until then, I'm happily oblivious to the fact that I am well out of the target demographic.

This is why I happily write Young Adult novels. I have no problem pretending I'm a teenager. Speaking of, there is NO decision on Bard Academy #4. My editor is still deciding its fate. I'd tell you to keep your fingers crossed, but who knows when the decision will be made. So, just mentally keep your fingers crossed. Or, if that's too hard (not sure how you do that exactly) just tell your friends to buy some Bard books and then everything ought to work out. Hopefully.

I'll be back with more Adventures in the Life of Cara Lockwood (the short version: I had so much fun with fun-sized Snickers bars over Halloween that I'm too fat for my skinny jeans; I'm obsessed with Glee (TV), Twilight (Movie) and The Hunger Games/Catching Fire (Books); and I'm playing tennis again - if I take Andre Agassi's lead, does that mean I have to do Crystal Meth to be any good?).

I'll be back with more later...


Vianna said...

I hope there will be a fourth book. It was kind of a cliff hanger, for Moby Clique that is. I'm still wondering who will Miranda end up with.
And your books are so innovative! I mean seriously, that idea is so fantastic, it bothers me no one ever thought of it!

caralockwood said...

Hi Vianna,

Well, you know exactly how to get me to respond - just compliment the dickens out of me. I'm such a sucker for compliments. Do go on. Really. DO.

I hope there's a Book Four, too, because I have come up with a nice little ending for Miranda and the gang, and I sure would like to write it.

Thanks again for writing.

Britton said...

oh my goshh pleaseeee write the fourth book im dying here i loved your series and i desperately need an ending! pleaseeee

Anonymous said...

I so hope there is a fourth book! I love the Bard gang.
I'm always telling everyone they need to read this series.

If there is a link or anything I can put in my blog to support the fourth book I will gladly do it.

*crosses fingers*


Rachel said...

Has there been any word on Book 4?

I am a Mom to two little ones who is also in denial about not being in the YA age range :-) AND I love this series! Not only do I personally love the storyline, characters, mixture of romance and suspense and wit, BUT I also love that you are introducing all these wonderful authors and works to many teens who might not otherwise read them or know about them.

Great idea, great job . . . and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say there will be another book! If not, can you just let us know what would happen in book 4? :-)