Friday, January 29, 2010

Get Your (cheap) Books here!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of winter. It might have something to do with the fact that my down-filled coat decided to explode this morning, leaving me looking feathered (sans tar). Goose down does little to enhance an all-black outfit, FYI.

So, to chase away those winter blahs, I've got a little ray of good news. Three Cara Lockwood titles have just been re-released in cheaper, mass market paperback editions. I Do (But I Don't), Every Demon Has His Day and Pink Slip Party make their re-debuts (I just made up that word) this week in a book store near you. Pink Slip Has this lovely new cover (see right), and the others have their same old covers, but an even better price: $5.99. You can't beat that, folks.

So, if you've been always meaning to read "those other" Cara Lockwood books, well now is your chance to do so on the cheap. I mean $5.99? That's like half a movie ticket. And like 1/100th of a new down coat, which I will no doubt have to buy, seeing as how I live in Chicago, and it can snow here pretty much til June.

Ahem. But, my point was, go buy some books! And so I don't look completely like the shameless self-promoter, I'm going to do something generous now. I'm going to extend the contest deadline for those five lucky winners who get to pick ANY single book from my backlist (that's eight glorious choices people!). Said winners get to pick their books, I sign them and send them to you. Boom! Free signed book. Of course, I can't promise it'll even fetch $5.99 on Ebay, but you at least have a nice, personalized signed book and when was the last time Danielle Steele did that for you? Exactly.

So, if you haven't already, email me at, and I'll enter you in the drawing on March 1, 2010.


april said...

Danielle Steel hasn't even extended the opportunity! :)

I'll definitely have to look for "those other" Cara Lockwood books. I was going to hit the bookstore this week anyway.

I just finished Wuthering High and can't wait to read the next one. Very fun and makes me wish I had paid more attention in English class. Still mad I didn't recognize one of the authors until it was spelled out for me.

april said...

To add to my previous comment, I picked up Pink Slip Party at B&N today. It was hard to find because it had a special display but the display was in the back. They didn't have Every Demon Has His Day and I already have I Do (But I Don't). I'm excited to read it.

M said...

Hi, Cara! So I was following up on my twice a year following your blogs and twitterings (last one was since April 2009!) and see that your books are going to be printed in mass paperback. How does that work as a writer? With them costing less, does that mean they assume you will sell more, so they can pay you the same? Or do you get more? Come on, Cara, blog a little on this subject and give us a glimps into a writer's world and the mad world of publishing. Btw, congrats on the new book!

caralockwood said...

Hi guys!

April - thanks for not giving up. I think each bookstore is different about where you might find these re-releases, but I'm glad you found them.

And M - that is the next blog topic for sure!

april said...

Well, the store I frequent doesn't have a lot of floor space so the place the stand is located is the only place. Still, I expected some on the shelf as well. Oh, well, glad I found them!

hip said...

Yes, when it snows in Louisiana - you know there's a problem!!
My husband added Every Demon Has His Day to my Vday gift bag. I'm having a great time reading it.
Thanks for helping my husband get brownie points & making my Saturday at work a much happier time. =]

animestrange said...

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