Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are YOU the next ME?

Do you have what it takes to be a bestselling author?
Cara Lockwood is now taking your submissions

Hi, friends! A new site called launched this week. For those of you who may be budding novelists, I'm branching out and offering some freelance editing for you would-be fiction writers out there. It's time to dust off those half-written manuscripts that have been growing cobwebs on your hard drive. Maybe all they need is a sharp editing eye by yours truly.

The great thing about Edit-My-Novel is that there are several editing packages. One for nearly every budget. It's also a great excuse to get to talk to me, so check it out:

Okay, so for those of you in the strictly-reader camp, I do have Bard news. As you know, I am hard at work on the final installment of the Bard Academy series.

As I write this, I'm putting the final edits on A Tale of Two Proms, so it's very close to being done,

In A Tale of Two Proms, I answer your most pressing questions (Will the ghost faculty escape? Will Heathcliff be banished to Wuthering Heights? Will Hana ever get a boyfriend? And, perhaps, most importantly, will tattoo-obsessed Blade actually wear a dress to prom?) Stay tuned for the answers you've been waiting for. A release date is coming very soon.

And a special thanks goes out to everyone who submitted ideas for the last book. I will be including a shout out to you in the acknowledgments of A Tale of Two Proms. That's just one of about a dozen reasons to buy it! Stay tuned. More info to come!


Melissa said...

I recently found out about Cara through NanoWrimo. I sent an e-mail asking for details and within an hour or two received a response. Big shock in the world of business not getting back to you.

She's a breath of fresh air for a brand spanking new novelist like me. I basically only know that I love to read and writing is fun too. She's helped me to put a cork in the little voice that says ... stop now, you're no good and no one will read this.

She always responds to my e-mails at ridiculous speeds and I'm so excited to work more with her.

It doesn't hurt to try and she gives a free review of your first page. It's enough to let you know whether or not you have something worth pursuing. A completely free of charge confidence booster with no obligations at all. Actually, I've been hounding her with e-mails asking every question under the sun and she's responded quickly with a pleasant attitude.

Here to you Cara!! Thank you.

Melissa B.

Melissa said...