Friday, January 06, 2012

Want a Signed Bookmark? Get one!

Hi all my lovely Bard fans,

I have just received a stack of limited-edition Bard Academy bookmarks and I will be signing about a 100 of them. If you'd like one (and, I get it, ironic to have one even though A TALE OF TWO PROMS is an eBook), but hey, it's signed by yours truly, so it's something that will look awesome hanging up in your room. Plus, you could put it into the pages of Wuthering High or The Scarlet Letterman.

All you have to do to get one is to buy A TALE OF TWO PROMS, available from all major retailers:

Amazon (shout out to the Kindle!):


Barnes and Noble (Nook fans!):

Once you've downloaded it and gotten an e-receipt, email it to me, along with your snail-mail address and I'll send you a signed bookmark (Hello - collector's item!).

Don't wait!
Buy now!

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caralockwood said...

By the way, I forgot to highlight the email address!

Send your receipts to and get a free signed bookmark!