Monday, June 01, 2015

Congrats to the Her Hawaiian Homecoming book giveaway winners!

I love giving free stuff away. I do. It's a problem for an author who's supposed to sell books, but the fact is, there's nothing that makes me feel better than sending a signed copy of one of my books away in the mail to a lucky prize winner.

Today, I'm sending off signed copies of Her Hawaiian Homecoming (packaged with care above), Congrats to all the Goodreads book giveaway winners: Lori from California, Mark from Tennessee, Barbara from Virgina, Leanne from Canada, Rebecca from Australia and Valerie, Jessica, Ann, Sally and Shane from the UK!

I'm sending your signed copies today! 

Didn't win? No worries. Buy Her Hawaiian Homecoming for the low, low price of just $3.99 for your Nook or Kindle

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