Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Halloween Sugar Rush

Here's the sad thing about Halloween at my house: We don't get any trick or treaters. It's true. We live in a condo, so in order to get to us, the little tykes in costumes would have to buzz our door and head through two locked doors and up three flights of stairs.

This, however, does not prevent me from buying Halloween candy "just in case" some intrepid young trick or treater managed to find us on the third floor. Of course, in the meantime, my husband and I eat said candy. This year, I had to restock our candy supply THREE times (Since October 15, when I bought the first "just in case" candy, my husband and I devoured 2 bags of mini Snickers, one bag of Hersey bars, two bags of M&M's and one bag of candy corn).

I'm under the delusion that small candy bars actually have no calories. I mean, how can one single bite of chewy, chocolately goodness be bad for you? Even if, like me, you eat ten of them at a time?

Of course, this year, like all years, we had no trick or treaters, which made my last minute Snickers run yesterday afternoon a total waste. Of course, this just means more for me. Besides, given the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, I figure I'd better eat up if I'm going to manage to get up to what I like to call my "Holiday Weight" which is a little like a bear's "winter weight" if bears ate mini-Snickers and wore sweatpants.

But, on the no-calorie front, I've got a new contest brewing at I'm giving away the brand new, never before read (except by me and my editor) sequel to Wuthering High. It's called The Scarlet Letterman and it won't be in stores until January 2007, but you can win your copy now!


Janice said...

Me too!

We ate 3 bags of candy corn that I remember. This weekend, I got a bag of mini snickers (do kids like mini snickers, or are those just for us?) and peanut butter cups, just in case. Last year I think we had 4 trick or treaters.

This year - zero. Yet somehow, we're down to two half-bags of candy. I had snickers for dinner when I got home from shopping last night.

Samantha said...

We had 33 kids. That's about 14 more than last year. We live across the street from a school too. Granted it is so bloody cold here right now that I wouldn't have wanted to be out there either - I'd have bribed my kids with the candy we had at home. haha

I'm looking forward to the book!

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi guys! Okay, Snickers is my favorite dinner ever, you know, next to ice cream and/or popcorn. Not necessarily in that order or together. And, Samantha - 33 trick or treaters! I bet that left you with hardly any candy to eat. I suppose that's a good and bad thing. ;)

Samantha said...

Actually that's down a lot. When I was a wee one, we'd get like 90 kids in the same area. Apparently the kids were all my age, and we've all since grown up and graduated to buying our own candy. lol.

Little Willow said...

TSL cover is very cool!