Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where's Excerpt Wednesday?

Well, I meant to write something lovely and blatantly self-promoting about Every Demon Has His Day today - it being Excerpt Wednesday - but I'm buried under revisions for the sequel to Every Demon, and that's Can't Teach An Old Demon New Tricks.

Sadly, the life of an author is not sitting around in a smoking jacket smoking a pipe and listening to the Masterpiece Theatre theme song like I once imagined. It actually involves work sometimes and this is one of those times.

So, I promise, once I'm done revising, I will be back in full force. Until then, if any of you want to pick Every Demon for your book club, I've got some nice discussion questions for you:

1. If you were the Chosen One, what would you do first: save the world or try to figure out the numbers for the next Super Ball Lotto?

2. Which one is scenario is scarier: the devil trying to sire an antichrist or Ty Murray doing the Rumba on Dancing with the Stars?

3. Is Every Demon the Best Book of the Year? Or the Best Book of All Time? Discuss.

4. Does anyone want to help edit the sequel? (Okay, this last one is really just because I am really, really trying to get out of doing these rewrites. Argh! I'm allergic to work - and the antedote is a margarita with salt - I need one! Stat!)

Okay, so I will be back, soon, I promise. For now, I have to go finish the sequel, or I'm pretty sure some attorney is going to sue me for breach of contract and then I'll have to disappear to Guatemala or something so I don't have to pay back my advance. Say, wait a minute... Do they have good margaritas in Guatemala?

No, no, no, no.... MUST go do work! I'll be back soon. Besides, I think it would be harder work to learn Spanish than finish this sequel.

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nickelo said...

If you go to home Depo you can get those lights there if you want more of them. The minute that I started reading this I knew right what you are talking about I saw them Saturday wheN I was there. My nana dose not like them so I had to settle for the LED ones ehhh they are better then the other ones.