Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buy a Tale of Two Proms Now!

Hello all my very patient Bard fans,

Good news! A Tale of Two Proms is now available for purchase - just in time for Christmas! (The perfect holiday gift? Well, I'm not one to brag.... Well, okay, I am. It IS the perfect holiday gift - for yourself and every single person you know).

This is a digital-only book, but you can get it at every major digital seller:

Amazon (shout out to the Kindle!): http://amzn.to/tdDEdB

Apple: http://bit.ly/uMkpKD

Barnes and Noble (Nook fans!): http://bit.ly/uNd6nG

And the BEST part? It's just $4.99. Skip one Gingerbread Latte and you've saved up enough dough to purchase. This isn't going to break your holiday budget and it will be the best $4.99 you've ever spent! (Did I mention I'm prone to wild fits of exaggerated self-promotion? But you guys knew that about me already).

Read it on your Nook, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or plain old PC. Remember, this is most likely the final book in the Bard series. I've promised to answer all your pressing questions (Will Healthcliff and Miranda end up together? Or split apart forever?) You've got to download it to find out. You won't be disappointed.

Spread the word among your family and friends. I'll be holding a contest for those of you who get your friends to download and buy A Tale of Two Proms as well. Stay tuned for more details!


equalitystatelover said...

Why only digital? I love this series and I dont have a nook or kindle or anything like that to be able to read it. Im just wondering if it is ever going to be printed?

jrsygal25 said...

Can't wait... powering up my Nook RIGHT NOW!

coldlonestar said...

I hope "A Tale of Two Proms" would be in print soon... Because I don't live in the US and so I can't buy the eBook T^T

Sarah Emerson said...

Loved Reading the first three in high school, I have been searching for the final book ever since, in print. I wish it would go to print so I could order all four and save them for the future.