Friday, May 20, 2005

Favorite '80s Moment - The Pre-Neverland Michael

Kate K writes:

You asked about fave 80s moments. Do you remember the insane amount of hype generated over the premiere of "Thriller" on Friday Night Videos? Excited doesn't begin to explain how I was feeling. I was beside myself when the couple I was babysitting for came home in the middle of it. I made the dad sit and watch the rest with me before I'd let him drive me home. Any MJ memories to share (pre-child abuse accusations, please)?

I definitely remember "Thriller" on Friday Night Videos. I never missed an episode of Friday Night Videos, mainly because we didn't have MTV. Mom didn't believe in cable because she said we had enough channels with our measly four (technically five if you put tin foil on the antennae).

I think my favorite Michael Jackson moment was the Gloved One moonwalking at the Grammys. After that, I pretty much destroyed the linoleum on my mom's kitchen floor trying to mimic the move. I think my Dad said it best. Upon catching my moonwalk, he said “So, I take it you got dog poop on your shoes?” Dancing, let’s say, it’s my forte.

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