Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Me:1 Word Paperclip: 0

Hi guys,

I've managed to write a few more pages for my new book "I Did (But I Wouldn't Now)" - no thanks to that pesky Word Paperclip. Honestly, he's so smug with those heavy-lidded eyes. I know what he's really thinking when he asks me if I know the grammatical rule for using "which" in the proper context. He's saying: "You call that a character arc? Please."

Well, I showed him. Twenty more pages - done and done. Take that you smug little piece of office supply equipment! Me: 1. Paperclip: 0.

Today's (slightly morbid) Paperclip Fun:


Cherlyn Michaels said...

Aaaahhhaaaa! I know exactly what you mean. That's funny.
I'm enjoying your blog and looking forward to reading your book.

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Cherlyn!

Thanks for writing - glad I'm not the only one with homicidal tendencies toward that darn paperclip.

Anonymous said...

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