Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Next Judy Blume?

So, I've started my next novel (already) because I've signed my soul away to Simon Schuster. Kidding! I'm kidding. The next novel is a slight departure from my previous books, in that it's a) aimed at teens and b) has a supernatural element. I know what you're thinking - have I gone insane? And, like my husband says, "What do you know about being a teenager?!"

Well, it goes without saying that I'm a very immature 32-year-old, but does this alone qualify me to write a book for teens? I don't know, but I am having fun. I can tell you that it's a lot more fun to write about the teen years than live them, that's for sure. The story is about a boarding school for troubled teens called Bard Academy, where things aren't as they should be. (Cue dramatic, slightly creepy music). Fear not, I'm still keeping plenty of humor - because, come on, I can't take things too seriously.

And don't worry - if you like my old books, I'm hoping you will like this one, too. It's still a lot of fun, even if the protagonist is 15. Come on, every one of us has an inner-15-year-old. She's the one who always wants to go to the mall and not do chores. Have we really come that far?


Anonymous said...

I love supernatural/mystery books. I will definitely read this book.

Steph said...

Hello! I just picked up one of your books this past week and I absolutely loved it! It was your first one, and then yesterday I ran out and bought "Dixieland Sushi" and finished that in the wee hours of the morning.. hehe.. The characters feel so real and the situations make me laugh out loud. Perfect! I just thought I'd leave you a little note, saying I can't wait 'til your next book comes out in May, and I'm hoping to have time this week to pick up "Pink Slip Party." :-)

Have a good one

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Steph!

Thanks so much for buying the books. So glad you liked them! You are the b-e-s-t for writing. I'm sorry I kept you up - but I'm glad it was worth it! :)

Happy Reading!

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