Friday, February 10, 2006

Extreme Home Bedroom Makeover

Okay, I must apologize for being AWOL for the last week. I painted and redid the floors in my bedroom, which seemed like a good idea until it dawned on my halfway through the project that I am not a handy person. In fact, I'm the sort of person that when I got into Home Depot, I ask questions that make the workers there either a) laugh or b) ask me if my husband knows what I'm doing.

Home Depot sexism aside, my husband is actually even less handy than I am, which is why when our friends Eric and Shannon come to visit (Eric - a former contractor) we ask him to do things like replace our light fixtures. It's probably why they don't visit very often.

Anyway, I've been working for a week, and I can't actually raise my arms all that well, which is not a problem for typing, but is a problem for hailing cabs. Luckily, I don't need to hail very many.

I am at this moment at the airport, waiting to head out to Los Angeles. I'll be at the Japanese American Museum tomorrow at two p.m. for those of you in the area. I think my entire extended family will be there. They'll be the people with all the cameras. Don't let the flashbulbs blind you.

I'll be back next week with more witty, semi-witty, or not-at-all witty witticisms. Til then, have a good weekend!

I'll be back on Monday.


vanessa said...

Hi Cara!
Hope your home improvements went well!! Also, how was the Museum? I bet your family was so proud! :)

robyn said...

Hi Cara!

I was telling a friend about your books and deceided to look for your webpage and here we are! I was reading your profile and so excited that a girl from Texas can make it up here. I moved from North Dallas 3 weeks ago to Palatine (northwest Chicago suburb). Do you miss Texas?

Just wanted to say hi and that I love your writings. Keep 'em comin'!

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