Friday, January 27, 2006

What's News To Me

So, Adeline writes:

"Can't wait for your next book!! MORE MORE... I want more books from you..."

First off, thank you Adeline! You have impeccable taste. Seriously. I mean it. Flattery will get you everywhere.

As to the next book, "I Did (But I Wouldn't Now)" is out at the end of April, and you might want to start lining up at your neighborhood book store right now, because I know there will be more people in line to buy it than the last Harry Potter book. Okay, maybe not quite as many. You know, maybe like about 99.9 percent less people, but who's counting? I mean, you know, aside from me.

In the meantime, February 11 I'll be in Los Angeles at the Japanese American Museum signing copies of Dixieland Sushi. I've never done a museum signing before, and I wonder if this means that I'll need to watch a lot of PBS before I go, you know, just so I don't seem like a moron.

There's an interview with me on their web site, just in case you just can't get enough of Cara-Time. I know. I'm like crack. One whiff and you're addicted.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! I'll be back next week after I've overdosed on my weekly intravenous feeding of Vh-1 and E! (I just don't feel like myself unless I watch at least three hours of the each station on the weekend).


Anonymous said...

The museum signing sounds like a lot of fun -too bad I just moved out of Los Angeles!! Hope it goes well and I, too, cannot wait for the next book.

Whitelighter said...
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Adeline aka Whitelighter said...

Whitelighter said...
Worst!!! I am not from USA!!! oh NO!!! Since it's Lunar New YEar, will have more money to get from online.. hohoho!!! I do hope that I can get your books from Amazon! I think more likely,I'm able.. Frankly, not need flattery for your books! Cause I have introduce my friends to read the 2 books I like most and they like it A LOT!!!

SO u see, u don't need much flattery!!!

Well, I'm flattered when u said that I have Taste! Much more it doesn't get me everywhere.. Cause I am to straight! hahaha...

impeccable Taste:
1.Cause your books ARE tasty!!!
2.They are funny!
3.The author have great muses!
4.The author have got impeccable TASTE!!! Too!!

Will Surely catch your interview, I have ur short features in the i do but i don't dvd as well!!!

AND!!! Last!! CARA rocks!!! ^_^

Kare said...

I, too am looking forward to your new book! I just discovered I Do (But I Don't) a couple weeks ago and am just starting Dixieland Sushi. I'm not sure if you're aware of this...but Dixieland Sushi, totally reminds me of a lot of Vancouver (BC) fiction - there are a lot of writers who write about similar issues of biracial identity (especially of Asian origin)- they're just not as fun as your books are! I'm really impressed Cara, and not to kiss your bleep too much, but you've definitely become one of my favourites so far and I can't wait to pick up your other books!

Anonymous said...


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