Friday, March 31, 2006

Viva la France

In keeping with my last post on international exposure, I thought I'd share a fan letter from France I got this week about the French-translated "I Do (But I Don't)":


I have just finished "Mariages, etc..." and I loved your book...
It's not so easy for me to explain in English, but your book was
fantastic, I laughed a lot, and even in Paris it rained a lot,
your book was a sun shine for me!

It was a real pleasure, and i hope to read your books very soon.
Thanks a lot
From Paris, and under the rain!

I'm international, baby! Actually, it was quite fun to get the French fan letter, and I was doubly glad that it came in English. I nearly flunked French in college. We had a language requirement, and I made the mistake of signing up for an 9 a.m. five-day-a-week language course during my freshman year. I didn't realize how early 9 a.m. was in college. I believe I slept through half of those classes, which is probalby why I nearly failed.

Kudos to my French fan. If I'd tried to write a French author in French, I would've probably started an international incident. I think the only word I remember is "Bibliotheque" - the word for library. That's exactly what my dad wants to hear after paying my tuition, too.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo!!! too cool.

PS finally got my grubby hands on Dixieland Sushi, and enjoyed it :)

fantasy said...

MATTER FACT, I READ DEM ALL!! u've be come ma favorite author!
4 sum reasons, i found out that there is more in life than job itself, thanx 4 reminding mi that!!! I cant wait till yo next book!!! Dixieland sushi is sooo funny!! i always wondered what was wrong with jen when she was "in luv" with the kevin guy...but the braces part was so hillarious!!! good job!!

Cara Lockwood said...

Thanks for writing guys! So glad you liked the books.

Anonymous said...

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