Friday, April 17, 2009

Ah, Friday

Well, it's four o'clock, and both my children are alive. The day has been a success.

Trust me, both of my young'uns have tried their best to end their short lives today (my eldest decided that a day at the park should end with a quick sprint toward traffic and my youngest's idea of learning to walk is pounding her head into every available hard surface, preferably those with sharp corners).

At any rate, thanks to the wonders of television (my favorite babysitter - judge me if you dare), I can write this quick blog entry.

For those of you desperately looking for "Every Demon Has His Day" and can't find it - check out the Sci-fi section. For some reason, it's there. Search me. I've been informed my friends that because I have a novel in Sci-fi, that means that I am officially a Geek. Not that my geek-i-ness was ever in question (I never won a game of dodge ball in my life and, yes, I might have dressed up as Princess Leia - I won't disclose whether or not it was on Halloween or whether or not it was last year).

And while Ashton Kutcher may have just lined up a million followers on Twitter, I am still looking to break 50. Sad, but true. So, if you want to boost my ego so I can pretend that I have friends, become one of my followers at I promise I won't make you drink any Cool-Aid, blue or otherwise. Is it just me, or is the "following" thing just a tad bit cultish?

That's it for now. I should go. I think one of my offspring found some scissors.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back to blogging.