Friday, April 10, 2009

Party Like It's... a new book out!

Hi all,

I am happily tired (instead of the usual toddler-induced fatigue), after spending a lovely evening at my friend Bethie's. She outdid herself with one of her fabulous book launch parties celebrating Every Demon Has His Day, and I am still full today from everything I ate. For those of you who haven't heard of her parties (they're pretty much world-famous), she bakes and cooks everything from scratch. Case in point - her party pizza (dough and sauce made completely from scratch). I think she stopped just shy of growing her own bathtub cheese, but everything else was completely Martha Stewart-ized.

I am particularly amazed by this, since my version of a homecooked meal is to dump a can of cream of mushroom soup on a frozen chicken breast and throw it in the oven. (Sure, defrosting it first might improve the taste, but where's the challenge in eating non-rubberized chicken?). My oldest daughter, however, thinks I'm a great cook. But fortunately for her, her favorite thing to eat in the world is chicken nuggets, and those come fresh from our freezer (just hold the cream of mushroom soup).

But more importantly than the food was the company. I haven't had that many adult conversations in a row since before my oldest was born. I've got two girls (age 2 and 8 months) and last night reminded me I really need to get out more. I knew something was up when shortly after waving bye to the babysitter, I hit the gas so hard I think I actually left skid marks, and then started cackling uncontrollably, shouting "I'm free! Free! I'm FREE!!!!" like a recently released hostage.

Don't get me wrong, my girls are adorable and I wouldn't trade them for anything (which works out, since I'm pretty sure I'm stuck with them). It's just Mama needs to get her grove back every now and again (and a little bit of wine doesn't hurt either).

So, thank you to everyone who came to the party, to the hostess with the mostest, and to my husband who put both girls to sleep last night (God bless him).

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