Monday, April 20, 2009

You might be a geek if...

So, since Every Demon Has His Day is in the Sci-Fi section of your local bookstore, my so-called friends have pointed out that this might make me a) eligible for entry into the next Trekkie Convention and b) makes me a geek.

Well, sad to disappoint my frenemies, but my geek status has never really been in question. I might not watch the Sci-Fi channel, but I *might* have dressed up as Princess Leia one Halloween (Okay, so not exactly Leia - my hair would NOT do side buns - but her younger cousin "generic space princess"). And, yes, I just might have stood in line to see all the Star Wars Prequel movies just to see Yoda kick butt, even though those damn romance scenes were a little like taking a salted lemon wedge to the eye.

I am allergic to going to the gym (instead of breaking out into a sweat, I break out in hives). The last time I went to the gym, it was to take advantage of a free promotional "work-out" with a personal trainer. After just ten minutes, I tossed my cookies all over the free weights. Sad, but true. This body was simply not meant to be in shape.

But, I'm not complaining about being in the Sci-Fi section. According to Amazon, I might be 9,580 in general sales, but I'm 62 in Sci Fi/Contemporary and 55 in Thriller/Psychological (suck on it Jodi Picoult and James Patterson! Oh, wait, you guys are still ahead of me and bizillionaires while I am a sad sack thousand-aire - my bad).

At any rate, the whole "am I a geek" thing has brought up a question from a reader - does buying Every Demon Has His Day make YOU a geek? The answer is clear: Absolutely NOT. Buying Every Demon Has His Day makes you:

and - my personal favorite -
Filthy Rich.*

So, fear not. No geekiness will rub off on you. Just lotto winnings and Hawaiian vacations. **

**Buying Every Demon Has His Day will not make you Gorgeous, Famous or Rich or send you to the Hawaiian Islands or help you win the lotto. But, it will help pad the Lockwood Girls college fund and that, in the author's humble opinion, does makes you brilliant.

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