Wednesday, September 07, 2005

London Calling

Given all the very serious news of late - New Orleans being underwater, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court dying, etc, etc, you may have missed the most important news of the week:

Britney Spears has decided on baby names.

Apparently, she told Elle Magazine that if she has a boy, she's going to name him London, after the place where she and hubby Kev first began their "storybook romance."

As if London hasn't been through enough this year. Now it has to suffer the indignity of being attached to America's Most Unabashedly Trashy Power Couple. I'm guessing if asked, London would take a pass.

By the way, what is it with celebrity baby names? Apple? Lourdes? If you're that rich and famous do kids not make fun of you on the playground? Or, is it that celebrity kids' schools names like "Megan" and "Mike" are the outcasts?

Anyway, as you can see, I'm hard at work (i.e. reading celebrity gossip).

And guys - don't forget - if you donate at least $25 to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and send me your donation receipts at before the end of September you could win a signed copy of "I Do (But I Don't)." Just email me your donation receipts at I'll be picking winners on October 1.


Terri B said...

And what about "Coco"? When I hear that as a name I think retired stripper. :O(

All I ask is that they give girls GIRL names. My name is really Terrance, which has caused me quite a bit of strife (all-boy gym classes in Jr. high, placed in an all-male dorm in college (not TOO bad), threatening letter from the draft board when I turned 18, etc..). My mother said she wanted to call me Terri but didn't want to name me that. Okay, so Theresa wasn't an option? I get harassed over the phone when I call creditors. They usually think I'm committing fraud. One even called the social security office to have them quiz me just to be sure I was Terrance. Good thing I remembered my father's middle name that day.

Monica said...

hah celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure! britney's to be due any day now..hmm, i wonder if it will be a boy or girl. i'll be donating as soon as i talk with my family about it! sincerely, one of your many fans

Jessica said...

I love MSN celebrity gossip section. I look at every morning to catch up on the " news ". I just spent the last ten minutes reading about the Simpson sisters and Paris Hilton. ( I did hear that when she and male Paris decide to have children the name will be what else, Paris.)