Friday, September 23, 2005

The Squirrel Wants His MTV

Earlier this summer, my husband did battle with a squirrel who managed to push its way into our home through a screened window. My husband would've left it alone, except that said squirrel made itself comfortable on HIS chair, the one with the best and most direct view of our TV, which, in my husband's mind, is the same thing as declaring war.

After chasing the squirrel out (read: closing the door, opening the window, and waiting patiently for the squirrel to find its own way out), the squirrel has once again proven that he can outsmart my husband. It has staked a claim on our balcony outside in a flower pot, which just so happens gives him an unfettered view of the TV when our curtains are open.

I assume it's the same squirrel, only because it shows the same indifference and lack of fear of my husband as the "wild animal" (Husband's words) did who strolled into our condo a few weeks ago and made itself comfortable on my husband's prized chair. The squirrel isn't shy. He doesn't mind posing for photographs (see picture, above).

I'd like to point out that while my husband called the Squirrel Intruder "giant," "really big, I mean really big," and "ferocious," you can see by the picture above, that he's, well, cute and furry and fits in a (medium-sized) flower pot. "Don't be fooled, he's scary and shows no fear," my husband says.

Squirrel: 2
Squirrelly Husband: 1


Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

HAHAHAH Oh my God I'm being stared at by a bunch of people for laughing so hard ( and being yelled at by the boyfriend because he's trying to watch something important on T.V...... Michigan College football?!) Please tell me this will be in the next book????

Anonymous said...

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