Friday, September 09, 2005

One Name in Paris

Okay, I do love celebrity gossip, mostly because it shows me how sane I am. In baby-naming news, it looks like we've got another refreshing show of common sense and humility.

The rumor is that when Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton have a child, they plan to name him or her - surprise, surprise - Paris.

This would be a mistake. For one thing, think of all the unfortunate mix-ups with their monogrammed towels.

By the way, as a side note, how do I find a Greek Shipping Tycoon? They're all the rage. Paris has one. Mary Kate Olsen has one. Where's my billionaire? I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind if I ran off with someone who could pay off my credit card debt. He'd be relieved, rather than jealous, I'm sure.

In terms of baby names, I think we should all be able to change ours if we want to, because let's face facts, our parents are nuts. And the pregnancy hormones didn't do our mother any favors either. I went to school with a guy, I kid you not, named Christian Blood. I think when he was born, his parents wanted to make sure he never got laid.

But I sympathize with difficult names. My maiden name is Tanamachi, and I got plenty of ridicule on the playground for that alone. In elementary school, monchhichis (see right) were all the rage. I don't know if they were monkeys or aliens, but they sucked their thumbs and had that annoying theme song (Monchhichi, Monchhichi, oh so soft and cuddly). Yep, you guessed it, I was "Tanamachi-chi-chi, oh so soft and cuddly). It's not so bad, until the millionth time you hear it, and then it gets pretty damn annoying.

And guys - don't forget - if you donate at least $25 to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and send me your donation receipts at before the end of September you could win a signed copy of "I Do (But I Don't)." Just email me your donation receipts at I'll be picking winners on October 1.


Anonymous said...
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Ellen J said...


I liked I Do (But I Don't).
I ADORE Dixieland Sushi.
But nothing beats Cara Lockwood's stream of consciousness, completely uncensored.

My roommate thinks I'm insane because I've been laughing so hard at the computer screen for the past 25 minutes, that I was very close to falling off my chair.

Thank you for giving me another link to add to my Daily Dosage bookmarked list. (Read: What I'm doing while I SHOULD be typing up a Reporting I paper)


Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Ellen!

So glad you like the Blog (and the books). And I'm all for procrastination. It's my favorite pasttime.

Good luck with the paper!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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