Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Book Fair-est of Them All

So this Sunday, I'll be signing books at the Printer's Row Book Fair in Chicago at noon at the Border's Tent.

Last year, I sat on a panel to discuss "Lad Lit vs. Chick Lit" with some very fun authors - Stacey Ballis (Inappropriate Men, Sleeping Over) and Kyle Smith (Love Monkey). If you haven't read their stuff, I highly recommend it. Love Monkey is a serious riot - especially if you want the low-down on that whole Christian Slater talking to his member thing in the bathroom (the main character in Love Monkey does the same thing, and it's seriously laugh-out loud funny).

Stacey is the ultimate multi-tasker. She's also the director of education and community programs at the Goodman Theatre, and she doesn't plan to quit, either. She's also very fun, so it's no wonder her books have great humor. Stacey will be signing books on Saturday.

This Sunday, it's just me, but if you're in the neighborhood, come by and say hello!