Saturday, June 25, 2005

What Doesn't Kill You, Almost Just Freakin Killed You

I wholeheartedly agree that bad reviews come with the territory of writing. I got my own stack of rejection letters from "I Do (But I Don't)" and even now when I pitch an idea to my editor I'll get feedback along the lines of "Ha. Ha. Ha. That's funny. Wait. You're serious? I thought you were joking." [awkward silence ensues].

So I realize that the profession of writing is about putting yourself and your work out there in the public domain and taking your lumps where you find them. I also know that you can learn from the criticism and grow as a person. Of course, I have no interest in growing as a person. Growing as a person involves far too much self-reflection and a lot of people telling you you suck in your current state and that you need a lot of improvement. I'd much rather someone just tell me I'm fabulous as I am and don't need to do any work at all, because I'm perfect. Is that so wrong? Maybe I'm just one of those self-indulgent Americans the French are always talking about.

My Dad likes to say "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Personally, I think what doesn't kill you - almost just freakin' killed you. If the only way to get stronger is to nearly die, I think maybe I'd rather stay weak, thanks. But then again, my Dad's other favorite saying is "When you're in a dark tunnel, and you see a light at the other end, well, then the light goes out and it gets really dark."

Dad gets creative sometimes with his metaphors.

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