Monday, June 13, 2005

Book Fairs Rule

The book fair was a great success Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came out to see me. I don't know about other authors, but I think I have the Best Fans on Earth. You guys are the best - thanks again!

I had the privilege of signing with Deloris Jordan, Michael Jordan’s mother, who has written a number of children’s books as well as parenting books. She couldn’t have been nicer.

After stuffing myself at Hackney’s (oh those onion rings are so good), I met up with fellow author Laura Caldwell. If you haven’t read her books, you should! She also just started a suspense/mystery line for you whodunit junkies out there.

Well, it's back to writing for me. Drop me a line and I'll definitely write back. I'm a sucker for any excuse to postpone finishing a chapter today.


Cherlyn Michaels said...

I met Deloris Jordan too and I agree, she is a very nice person.
I seem to be in the same space. I'm sitting here trying to finish up a short story, but obviously looking for a distraction since I'm reading people's blogs when I should be writing. :-)

Jennifer Ohuchi said...

I was surfing through Kroger's in my hometown (Fairfield/Cincinnati, Ohio) looking for a good book and came across your "Dixieland Sushi". I had this burning urge that (normally I would have fight off the urge and check the book out when I'm back in Columbus) I had and must purchase the book.
I must say, it was $12 well spent. Not only was the cover adorable, the story itself was GREAT! I've recommended my roommate reading it (she's 1/4 way through it), she loves it!
I just want to say you did a great, great job and because I loved that book so much I'm actually heading out to pick up the other two books that you have for summer reads :) Keep up the awesome job!

Oh by the way, I know how Asian family gets frustrated, I'm a half Japanese too...and the pickles, and the sushi... yeah...................!!!

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for writing. Don't you love reasons to procrastinate? For me, procrastination is usually doubly expensive, since it normally involves, or, so I'm very happy when I find a way to procrastinate that doesn't cost me 18.9% on my credit card. Good luck with the short story!

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Jennifer,

First of all, thank you SO much for the impulse buy.

If you're at all like me, then when I'm in a store, especially one like Target, I sit at the checkout line trying to figure out which things to put back. Of course, Target is my weakness. I sort of feel like I ought to just hand over $100 when I walk through the door, since that's invariably how much I end up spending. Anyhow, I'm so glad I made the cut. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

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