Saturday, June 04, 2005

Partied like it's 1999, please pass the aspirin

Had a fabulous time at Beth's book launch party, and I have the hangover to prove it. My apologies in advance for any misspellings, typos, or gaffaws. The party was so good that I know Martha Stewart at this very moment is considering retirement because she simply can't compete with Beth, reigning party diva. Thanks, Beth - you're the greatest!

I also want to say hello to Sarah, who wrote and asked if I would consider writing a sequel to "Pink Slip Party," or another book involving Jane McGregor.

I love Jane. She's one of my favorite characters. I would love to write more about her. Unfortunately, "Pink Slip Party" didn't sell quite as well as "I Do (But I Don't)," so I think the only way I could sell my editor on it is if Pink Slip Party miraculously found a second life. But never say never. Jane could be back. I'd like nothing more than to give her some new adventures.

Thanks for writing, Sarah!


Sarah said...

Well, you are quite welcome!

I will definitely be following your career. My sister is just now reading Pink Slip Party and loves it too!

Your books have given me such a needed relief from my schoolwork for the past semester, when I discovered them. I'm working on my PhD in English, and I love your books! Just saying, since some people have preconcieved notions. I guess I wanted to tell you that you can reach a broad readership base b/c of the mix of pop culture, wit, and heartfelt, relatable stories.

I'll be the first one to buy the spin off from I Do (But I Don't)!

Cara Lockwood said...

Now that is high praise! Thanks again, Sarah - and good luck with your PhD.

Anonymous said...

I just e-mailed you so some of this might be redundant. I love, love, love your books--especially 'Pink Slip Party'! I read it twice! (Mainly because I was trying to figure out which girl was the African-American one. I STILL don't know. Did I miss something?) Anyway, Dixieland Sushi was great too. I liked the switching back to the 80's thing. What a talent you are! I hope you plan to do a book signing in L.A. sometime. I have 3 books that need your autograph!

Good luck with your currently published book and the one you are working on.

Cara Lockwood said...

Hi Terri,

Thanks so much for writing! I was actually hoping to get out to LA sometime late this summer or fall. I'll definitely keep you updated if those signings come through.

And in terms of the Pink Slip Party cover, well... let's just say that they designed that particular cover before I even had the book finished (everything can be very hectic in publishing), so I'm not sure that there's an exact correlation between the characters on the cover and in the book. But I'm glad you enjoyed Pink Slip Party! Thanks again for writing.